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Introduction to the page

Welcome to the cybRpunk page. This page often requires a slight amount of familiarity with writing and cyberpunk culture. This is a compilation of various pieces of cyberpunk that I feel people should read in order to write cyberpunk. I leave many points up to your imagination, but I try to warn against bad science. Overwhelm your audience with references to things they have never heard of or hadn't consider the implications of. Technology defines the cyberpunk universe. Don't get it wrong.

If you are a cyberpunk writer, by all means, read the entire page. That's who this page is designed for. Almost all of the sections are also applicable to other genres of SF. Some of my advice may be useful for other genres of literature as well.

Revision History

This page is based upon the Cyberpunk Writing Handbook by Marshall Motley, aka Pigmy Boy, Joe Ordinary, Heretic, Nickfit, Page Smith, Novel Tompson, the Former Author, and many more. I had the last complete version of it handy while I wrote this. Alot of the information is the same. The origonal is still up.

Version 1.0 is the almost complete origonal form, rewritten and reorganized by the Wirehead. It was completed around 04.16.96.

Version 1.1 is the complete form, again done by the Wirehead. It was written in the two months following the first version and completed 06.16.96, exactly two months later.

Version 1.2 is updated, slightly reorganized, and features the return of Marshall Motley. It was completed after a long hiatus on 12.26.96

Version 1.2 is likely the last version in a long time. I haven't heard from Marshall in a long time and I haven't had the urge to work on this site in a long time.

About the Authors

Ken "Wirehead" Wronkiewicz

Ken "Wirehead" Wronkiewicz is a cyberspatialist, hacker, web designer, SF and Fantasy writer, metal musician, programmer, and general pain in the rear end.

You can reach Wirehead using the mail form or go to WireWorld.

Marshall Motley

Marshall Motley is one of the few realists in the Science Fiction field. He is well known because of the Paradigm Shifter Page, which is probably gone now. He used to be reached at paradigm@zippy.sonoma.edu.

Version: v1.2
Last Updated on: 12.29.96
Written by: Ken "Wirehead" Wronkiewicz and Marshall Motley
Copyright (C) 1996, Ken Wronkiewicz and Marshall Motley